The Russian-Norwegian soprano, Elizaveta Agrafenina studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Sasja Hunnego. She has previously studied with Monica Groop at the Sibelius Academy in Finland and with Neil Mackie at the University of Agder in Norway.

In 2017, she received an honorary award from Norway where she also gave a concert with her duo partner Martin Bråten (NO). She has together with Bergen National Opera (NO) arranged a concert series “Zwarte Avonden” with musicians such as Jaap Kooi (NL), Stephen Higgins (UK), Sará Gutvill (NL) and Tyrone Landau (UK). They are currently working on a new program “From Jewish Folk Poetry” which will premiere in April at several venues in the Netherlands.

During the summer of 2017, Elizaveta worked at the Edvard Grieg Museum as a professional singer of Edvard Grieg's music and later on went on to sing many concerts during a festival in Finland with musicians such as Marti Roussi, Kirill Kozlovsky and Siiri Nyttimaa.

Elizaveta has been highly engaged in the operatic repertoire. She takes a part in a opera year study at the Dutch National Opera Academy and Young Artist Program at Bergen National Opera in Norway. Besides her studies she has sung in small productions, opera festivals and professional operatic ensembles in Norway. In 2016, Elizaveta sang the lead role in the new composed opera by Rick van Veldhuizen during the Opera Forward Festival at the Dutch National Opera.


As a soloist Elizaveta has done many recitals/concerts/oratories in Norway, The Netherlands, Hungury, Poland, Sweden, Finland and in December 2015 she was touring with the pianist Stephan Harsono in Indonesia with SMM Yogyakarta Orchestra.

She has followed courses and masterclasses with Nelly Miricioiou (UK), Sir Thomas Allen (UK), Ira Siff (USA), Rachel Nicholls (UK), Margreet Honig (NL), Jeff Cohen (FR), Garbriele Fontana (AU), Collin Hansen (FIN), Jeanette Favaro-Reuter (GER), Júlia Pászthy (HUN), Petteri Saloma (FIN), Ilmo Ranta (FIN) and Gustav Djupsjöback (FIN). She has worked with conductors such as Rolf Gupta (NO), Andrew Wilder (NO), Marianne Sødal Misje (NO), Masaaki Suzuki (JAP), Magnus Loddgard (NO), Peter Szilvay (NO), Salvatore Cicero (SUI) and Wim Dijkstra (NL).

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